Thank you for the lovely reviews!
I thought the meditation sessions were brilliant, I really enjoyed them and looked forward to them each week. I found the techniques really good and helping me with everyday situations so thank you! I am continuing to practice.
Melissa Shand
Weston College
I really enjoyed the 4 week meditation course. I must admit that before the course I was slightly sceptical about the idea of meditation but as soon as we completed the first mediation I was convinced ! I slept better that night and use some of the meditations I learnt when I feel stressed out or overwhelmed and it really helps me .
Natalie Curry
Weston College
I just wanted to say thank you for providing these meditation sessions, they have been really useful in introducing me to different techniques I can use and it was such a lovely environment to walk into after a busy day. I always felt immediately calm. I wish they were a regular weekly thing. Thank you for delivering them, it was a highlight of my week.
Rachel Lane
Weston College
I really enjoyed the meditation classes, they have reintroduced me to a practice that used to be a part of my life. Thank you.
Ian Shipton
Weston College
Your meditation classes were excellent, I liked how the techniques developed over the course of the sessions. Your teaching style was very calm and respectful making the sessions very calming and easy to pick up.
Nat Chartres
Weston College
Silvia is very friendly and welcoming, and as someone new to meditation, she immediately put me at ease. Silvia is very informative about the benefits of mediation, and during her sessions she talks about the various things that meditation could help us with, such as improving sleep quality and managing anxiety. Following Silvia's sessions I have been able to take away some of the techniques we learnt, such as different breathing exercises, and try them myself at home. I really looked forward to Silvia's sessions and always left feeling relaxed and calm.
Amy Pitman
Weston College
I attended Silvia’s meditation classes after work and really enjoyed them. I found them very beneficial in relieving stress before going home! Silvia explained the steps involved clearly and even her tone of voice was very calming. The breathing meditation techniques we were introduced to were easy to follow and easy to replicate at home which I have found useful. I would definitely recommend them.
Mardy McLay
Weston College
I attempted meditation a few years ago but struggled. These sessions helped me to learn to relax and approach life in a much calmer and positive way. I can feel the benefits of meditation so I will definitely keep it up. Highly recommend!
Ali S.
Weston College
I found it was very beneficial and have continued trying to practice a number of the exercises that you gave us, which has been very worthwhile in this stressful time at present. It has certainly helped when I have struggled to get off to sleep and when times have been emotional and frustrating it has helped to keep my stress levels on a more even keel. Overall I found it enjoyable, relaxing and professionally led and would recommend anyone to give it a try.
Elaine W.
Weston College
I really enjoyed my meditation classes with CalmaMe! The teacher explained all the techniques and the benefits of meditation really clearly, and had a lovely calming presence. I left each class feeling relaxed and also more confident about starting my own meditation practice at home. For years I have been wanting to start meditating regularly, but I could never keep it up for more than a few days. Since completing the course though I have started to meditate every morning for 5 minutes using the techniques I was taught and am planning to increase to 10 minutes or more in the future to get even more benefits.
Eleanor Webber
Weston College
I loved this class! It was of huge benefit to me in managing stress. Our teacher was an incredible practitioner, really passionate about meditation.I would highly recommend this course if you are looking to calm your mind and start practicing meditation.
Marzena Lima
Weston College
It was really good. The atmosphere they created was really good and conducive to meditation (you could pretty much forget you were at work) – they were really nice and kind and the routines they taught us were achievable, and easy to follow – so it's kick started me into doing it again on my own. If they come and do another session, I would definitely like to come again.
Kitty Henry
Foot Anstey LLP
It was good and I found what Silvia taught us I am using on a daily basis. Though I probably didn't relax as much as I could have as we were in the office.
Emma Jewkes
Foot Anstey LLP
Definitely a calming and relaxing session and good points to take away on breathing exercises to calm you down during times of stress and to help you fall asleep. Silvia was a great guide, thanks!
Ayah Snober
Foot Anstey LLP
The meditation made me feel so relaxed that at the end I was near enough asleep! There were some really great techniques shown to us to completely erase everything from your mind in that moment and relax the whole body - I now do some of these at home too!! All round great session and good introduction to meditation!
Amber Booth
Foot Anstey LLP

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