CalmaMe also offers a wide range of mobile meditation sessions which can be booked for groups of maximum 10 people and with competitive cheap prices starting at £6 per person per session.

We can travel to teach the basics of meditation to workplaces, gyms, nursing homes, schools and many other public places. If you are organising a group activity but you don’t have a place to do it, we can find that too!

Our qualified and trained teachers will provide mats, music, relaxing lights and will change the space you choose to meditate into a proper zen! 


Our sessions include the following types of meditations:

Breathing Meditations

"By learning how to breathe well, you will become healthier and stronger, but not only: knowing how to breathe will also help you to control your emotions (anger included) and fears and keep a clear and sharp mind. Watching your breath is one of the simplest of all meditations but also one of the most powerful: meditating on the breath each day provides a foundation for all other forms of meditation".

Mindfulness Meditations

"Mindfulness is a form of meditation. It is the practice of being aware in every moment while keeping a non-judgemental outlook and at the same time observing your own body and emotional responses. It is about recognising your thoughts as you meditate and look at them in a non-judgemental way".

Contemplations & Buddhist Meditations

"Contemplation is a type of meditation with the act of regarding steadily so that you give all of your attention to any object. If it’s an object, it could be the colours, the texture, the sound and the taste and the smell for food. It is about taking time to appreciate the object, think about the work that has gone into creating the object, where it has come from and its journey to you".

Guided Visualizations

"Our teacher takes you on a journey by helping you to visualize pictures in your mind. It can also be done with added sounds like music, waves, bird singing, etc. in the background. The guide can also use positive affirmations as part of the visualization to help you feel calmed, relaxed and loved".

For more info and bookings please contact us!


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