Andy and Silvia have been together since 2005. In 2010 their family grew bigger with the arrival of their twin boys Dylan and Jacob and shortly after that, Silvia started suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. Silvia tried  many different ways to overcome her issues and, after different attempts, she managed to get better with the help of meditation.

When Silvia started to work in a secondary school, every day she went home for lunch and felt the need of a quick meditation to help her carry on with her stressful day. 

One day, while talking to Andy’s mum, who is a nurse, Silvia found out that she was doing exactly the same thing but rather than going home form lunch to meditate, she would do it quickly in the lift at work, in the hospital (whenever it was empty). This made Silvia and Andy realised how much people need to have a real break at work, during the day.

Initially Andy and Silvia decided to offer lunch meditation sessions to workplaces but they soon realised how hard it was to find enough teachers committed to do it.

And that’s how they came up with the idea of a mobile meditation centre: a relaxing, private place that could be parked outside hospitals, offices, nursing homes, etc. for people to have a little place to escape and meditate for 15 minutes. 

They decided to get an old horse trailer and Andy converted it almost all by himself (with the occasional help of his dad and some friends). The twins called the horse trailer Buck.





Most of the meditations offered inside Buck have been provided by the amazing Gillian White, all the way from Alberta, Canada.


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